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Beta Sigma: The Founding Years


July 14, 1946

August 13, 1950

The '50s

The '60s

The '70s

The '80s

The '90s

The New Millennium

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The Founding Years

These are sagas of men who climbed the barriers of wealth, region, creed and prejudices. It is our hope that more brothers would come forward to shed light on the historical background of their respective chapters. Until then, this document will be a continuing work in progress. (September 2007)

Formation of the Different Beta Sigma Fraternity Chapters

July 14, 1946 is a very significant date in the annals of the Beta Sigma Fraternity. It was on this day that the first set of officers, headed by Jesus “Jesse James” Jayme as charter president and Nicanor P. Jacinto, Jr. as his vice, was inducted in the U.P. Beta Sigma Fraternity. Thirty-four noble men would form the forefathers of the “Brotherhood of Scholars.”

Original Founders

Arsenio P. Agutaya

Jesus Gonzaga

Jaime C. Saguisag

Manuel G. Aliño

Francisco Gonzales IV

Rodolfo M. Sanchez

Deciderato M. Aquino

Nicanor P. Jacinto, Jr.

Leocadio Sanchez

Benedicto Arcinas

Jesus R. Jayme

Pastor Sison

Melecio A. Arranz

Romeo Kahayon

Simplicio U. Tapia

Jaime R. Blanco

Roberto K. Macasaet

Pio Tiangco

Antonio O. Cabral

Teodoro D. Padilla

Angel Ver

Tomas R. Cosio

Guillermo A. Picache

Rafael Villarama

Julio Cuerva

Porfirio R. Perez

Rodolfo Villarica

Ruben Santos Cuyugan

Telesforo Ramos

Carlos Ylanan

Manuel Escaler

Ruben L. Roxas


Nathaniel Ferrer

Carlos Rustria


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Four years later, in August 13, 1950, the Fraternity would have its chapter in U.P. Los Baños. Diliman brods, led by then president Manuel Aliño, trekked to Los Baños to inaugurate a group of sixty-two students comprising the founders of the second chapter. Rudy Ylarde became the first president, Edgardo Mabesa as vice and Andres Goseco, Jr. as secretary. Dr. Dioscoro Umali was the adviser.

UPLB Charter Brods

Bernardo C. Agaloos

Emmanuel M. Estacion

Deogracias V. Maligalig

Benjamin C. Almonte

Honorato D. Estevez

Apolinario Maligaya

Doroteo U. Antonio

Romualdo V. Eusebio

Rafael A. Martelino

Romeo U. Aquino

Pablo A. Feliciano, Jr.

Lino E. Nazareno

Julian Avellana

Isidro P. Ferraris

Emmanuel A. Pili

Juan S. Ballesteros

Benjamin Gana

Domingo B. Protacio

Francisco Bandong

Bienvenido V. Garcia

Reynaldo C. Rodriguez

Artemio A. Caleda

Andres D. Goseco, Jr.

Victoriano J. Rodriguez

Romulo Catalan

Onofre T. Griño, Jr.

Basilio delos N. Reyes

Lourdio L. Clamohoy

Manuel C. Iñigo

Enrique Rivera

Victoriano M. Corpuz

Bernardo Jazmin

Maximo J. Sagrado

Jose A. Cruz

Teodoro V. Katigbak

Pedro B. Salvador

Amando D. Diasanta

Felix Laguna, Jr.

Jaime A. Sandique

Jose R. Deanon, Jr.

Claro A. Lizardo III

Gregorio L. Santos

Tauti R. Derico

Raul Lopez

Amado C. Sardinia

Lazaro G. Dycaico

Edgardo O. Mabesa

Inocencio H. Sario

Dionisio Dychioco, Jr.

Apolinario E. Malabanan

Juanito S. Sarmenta

Manuel C. Esguerra

Evangelino F. Malacoso

Pacifico J. Seguerra

Brods transferring to another school are not uncommon. It is, therefore, not unusual that a new chapter is established simply because of the brod’s enthusiasm to perpetuate the ideals of the Fraternity.

Sure enough the Beta Sigma Fraternity found its way into other universities.

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The ‘50s           

1952: Manila Central University (MCU) Brods from UP who did not make the quotas in the College of Medicine transferred to MCU and established the first school chapter outside of the UP system.

The MCU chapter went into hibernation from 1967 to 1976.  Dr. Mario “Boy” Cerilles SBC’71, who enrolled at MCU to complete the required science requisites for medical school, was the driving force in reviving the chapter.  Several neophytes wanted to join spending countless days and nights at “Base B” area, P. Noval and Funeraria Oro until the finals on the 3rd day of October 1976, held at the Dacha residence of Alex ‘Baby’ Aguilar (SU’63). Only four out of 18 prospects survived (Ener Cerilles, Gary Javier, Jun Lacdo-o and Boyette Manalo) making up Batch “Mitochondrion.”  Henceforth batches were named after parts of the cellular structure since MCU offered mostly science courses.

The revival batch, with Gary Javier as GP, worked hard and recruited the best students in campus thereafter.

 1956 August 26: Far Eastern University - Nicanor Reyes Memorial Foundation (FEU-NRMF) FEU’s Institute of Medicine attracted UP brods to pursue their medical degrees due to the benefits and scholarships granted to them. Beginning first semester of 1955, a group of UP Beta Sigmans thought of establishing the first fraternity in the College of Medicine.

These brods asked the dean’s permission about their idea but were unfortunately turned down. The FEU administration can only recognize university wide fraternities, not exclusive or college-based organizations.

The brods from the Institute of Medicine met with other UP brods who cross-enrolled in other institutes and informed them of the big plan. Hence, UP brods organized and established the FEUNRMF Beta Sigma Fraternity.

 FEU-NRMF Founders

Macario Abad, Jr. ‘55 Jose Cortez ‘55 Romero Savellano ‘52
Manuel T. Andrada ‘55 Princilio T. Cortez ‘55 Prospero Sendaydiego ‘55
Virgilio Asuelo ‘52 Isabelo Enriquez, Jr. ‘53 Rodolfo F. Soriano ‘55
Emmanuel Balcos ‘50 Hector G. Fuerte ‘56 Manuel G. Soriano, Jr. ‘53
Herman P. Bautista, Jr. ‘56 Romulo Gamad, Jr. ‘53 Gregorio Tanquiqui ‘54
Claro Cabrera ‘49 Ciriaco C. Madamba ‘54 Ricardo Tanchoco ‘55
Emmanuel Camus ‘54 Benedicto Magsanoc ‘54 Napoleon Villarica ‘56
Eligio Casile ‘55 Bonifacio Mariano ‘55 Severino Virador ‘53
Amado Chanco, Jr. ‘55 Ceferino Padilla ‘54 Darwash Yusah ‘54
Philip S. Chua ‘55 Jose Reyes ‘52  

These brods set up a constitution and by laws similar to that of the U.P. Beta Sigma Fraternity. Complete officers of the Fraternity were set up, with Brod Manuel Soriano as acting GP, and recruitment, projects, and other social activities were soon established in the college as well as in Accounts and Finance, College of Law, Arts and Letters and Medicine and Engineering. Applicants were highly screened based on their academic standing, extra curricular activities and achievements.

Starting 2nd semester of 1955-1956, the Fraternity formally elected Brod Manuel Soriano Jr. as the GP during its first election. They continued to implement plans for projects, fund raisers and other social activities for the year 1956. Aside from dominating the student body council, brods also joined other university organizations like student Catholic action group and the ROTC corps of officers, making Beta Sigma a powerful force to reckon with in various campus activities of the university.

On August 26, 1956, the FEU Beta Sigma Fraternity was formally recognized as a university fraternity with its core members in the Institute of Medicine. That same year the Fraternity was voted the best fraternity of the university. It was a milestone in the history of the Fraternity and the beginning of the golden years of the Beta Sigma Fraternity.

1957 August 27: Gregorio Araneta University Foundation (GAUF) was founded by UP Diliman and UPLB brods. It is now known as DE LA SALLE UNIVERSITY – ARANETA (DLSU-A).

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The ‘60s           

1960 February 14: University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center (UERMMMC) in Aurora Blvd., Quezon City was on its third year of existence when the Beta Sigma Fraternity was established. The 12 founders were pre-med brods who would all become doctors of medicine.

 UERMMMC Founders

Eddie Basaca UP’50

Cesar Garvida UP‘55

Romy Rodriguez UP

El Castro, Sr. UP‘56

Leo Najera UP’56

Rolando Sabundayo UP’54 (1st GP)

Vic Callejo FEU

Jose Navarette UP

Pedro Simon UP’56

Antonio Dacuycuy UP‘56

Vinzon Pineda UP’55

Felix Vergara, Jr. UP‘56

The brotherhood easily produced many of the best medical professionals in the country oftentimes pioneering subspecialties in the medical field. Charter Brod Dr. Potenciano Baccay ’60 was among the forefathers of Philippine Nephrology and hemodialysis in the early 1960's and even included no less than the late President Ferdinand Marcos among his patients. Dr. Vinzon Pineda ‘55 was the trailblazer in dermatology and cosmetic surgery in the country and owns the highly successful Derm Clinic chain. Brod Dr. Jose Pujalte ‘47 is an institution in Philippine orthopedics and prosthetics and has even served as Philippine Medical Association (PMA) president in 1985.

1962 June: Silliman University (SU) was founded by UP Diliman Brods Jackie P. Doromal ‘60, Deogracias E. Hamac Jr., Roderick  C. Lagumbay, Dennis S. Noel, Jose  A. Robles and Reynaldo V. Vicente. Twenty-two brods comprised the 1st batch. Deo Hamac served as the 1st GP.

 Silliman Pioneer Batch

Luis H. Alba

Aniceto D. Carbonnel

Desiderio B. Lazarte

Oscar A. Amboy

Rudolfo P. Datuin

Levi de C. Locsin

Lionel M. Ancheta

Fortunato C. Dionisio

Donald C. Maddumba

Antonio B. Arnaiz

Roberto P. Doromal

Napoleon V. Pestano

Edgar B. Astudillo

Dominador V. Dumalag Jr.

Felipe L. Santos

Rudy A. Atentar

Melvin S. Garrovillo

Philip L. Tugade

Jesus E. Bigornia

Abubakar M. Halun

Cesario A. Veloro



Jose J. Villegas

1965 February 13: Philippine College Of Criminology (PCCr) was founded by brods from UPLB.

1965 October 24: University of San Carlos (USC) The plan to put a chapter in the University of San Carlos in Cebu was hatched in the summer of 1965 between students George Quemada and Bob Trinidad who incidentally had a blood brother from UPLB, Brod Ed Trinidad ‘63. The idea then was presented to Silliman pioneers Dick Gonzales ‘63, Edwin Cabrera ‘63 and Sammy Cang ‘63, UPLB Brods Tony Lu ’60, Ed Trinidad ’63 and Billy Doromal ‘59, and UP Diliman Brods Darius Muñoz ‘64 and Junie Hamac.

Presentation was held on the boarding house of Brod Darius in Junquera St. on the first week of July. Week by week, the original number of 35 neophytes dwindled until only 10 remained on the 1st week of August. Initiation continued until that fateful day on October 24, 1965. At exactly 8:15 pm, 4 new Beta Sigmans became the first seeds of USC Beta Sigma Fraternity.

USC Pioneer Batch

George Quemada (batch leader)

 Jessie Cabatingan

Roberto “Bob” Trinidad

 Hector Muñoz

The late Hector was blood brother of Darius. The batch name Lucky Joe ’65 was derived from a dice game wherein 2 & 3 is a “Crap” while the number 4 is a “Joe”.

1966 August 27: Feati University (FEATI) was organized and founded by UPLB brods. The first batch of pioneering brods was composed of students from the College of Engineering. Brod Fausto Uy (UPLB ‘58) was the adviser until his retirement as professor in mathematics.

1966 September 16: Central Mindanao University Chapter (CMU) in Bukidnon was founded by UPLB Forestry Brods Roger Natividad Ramirez ’63 and David Lazo Guzman ‘63, then an instructor in the College of Forestry at CMU. The task was realized in cooperation with 24 pioneers all enrolled in the College of Forestry.

 CMU Pioneer Batch

Nilan Alipao

Antonio Ecuacion

Nestor Paquiao

Ernesto Bagsarsa

Edilberto Ecuacion

Margarito Penes

John Bastillada

Nemesio Josue

Amadeo Penonia

Benito Bombeo

Felicisimo Jumao-as

Rolando Roa

Esperio Cadorna

Wilfredo Labajo

Gilbert Subuero

Crisostomo Calapini

Gorgonio Nalupa

Ernesto Trillo

Venerando Cenas

Celestino Pablo

Steven Ubalde

Danilo De Leon

Oscar Paguia

Wendell Uy

Ernesto Bagsarsa served as the first GP. Beginning 2nd semester of 1966 - 67, the brods recruited students from other colleges in the campus and established the CMU Bumble Bee Team, the basketball varsity team and also becoming the name of the rodeo team in 1976.

Thereafter, the Fraternity made itself known as a force to reckon with in the various campus activities of CMU by being in the forefront of social gatherings and controlling various positions in the university council.

1967 August 14: San Beda College (SBC) In the late ‘60s, a group San Beda College altar boys who were mostly classmates from kindergarten to high school, called themselves the “19 Limited.” They formed their own basketball team, and were mostly jai alai aficionados. They were always together playing billiards, attending parties and having fun as kids of their age.

This togetherness and camaraderie laid the ground for the founding of the SBC Chapter. Andy Apostol, the acknowledged leader of the group, frequently hanged-out at the place of Vic Pizarro (UPLB’64), his drinking buddy in Kamuning, Quezon City. It was here that he met Vic's fraternity brothers, members of the U.P. Beta Sigma Fraternity.

This led to the group's recruitment into the Beta Sigma Fraternity with the intent of founding the SBC chapter. The indoctrinations were held at the churchyard of the Sacred Heart Parish in Kamuning. On August 14, 1967 Final Rites were held at the choir loft of the same church, a fitting place for these altar boys. The U.P. masters then were Willy "Tatang" Vergara ‘67, Bobby “ahas” Manansala, Bogan Cabanatan ‘65, Willie Ramos ‘67, Danny Galoso ‘65, Jun Leyco ‘65, Vic Pizarro ’64, Rico Sanchez ‘64, Nestor Lumayor, to name a few. Seventeen new brods composed the 17 founding batch.

 SBC Pioneer Batch

Jose “Jojo” Agbulos

Andres “Jun” Gabriel, Jr.

Glen B. Rosario

Adriano “Andy” Apostol

Fulvio “Bing” Magpayo

Fermin “Jun” Sare, Jr.

Ramon “Mon” Atienza

Mischael “Jing” Morelos

Eduardo “Sonny” Tan, Jr.

Nereo “Neri” Dionisio

Amador “Mandy” Raymundo

Alberto “Abet” Ticzon

Tobias “Toby” Fornier

Jose “Sonny” Reyes, Jr.

Jacinto “Jay” de Vera

Jose “Boy” Fuentes

Arturo “Johnny” del Rosario Jr.


Jay de Vera was SBC high school class ‘66 valedictorian. Andy Apostol was the pioneer GP. Because of the founders’ fondness for cars, they named their batch “Barracuda” ‘67. From then on it became the chapter’s tradition to name batches after cars and whose models were named after animals e.g. , “Jaguar” ‘67, Ford “Cobra” ‘68, Lancia “Beta Scorpion” ’77, Dodge “Viper” ’02., etc.

At its height, the SBC Chapter numbered more than 80 resident members, which was admirable for a medium-sized all-boys school like San Beda College. It was the premiere fraternity on campus.

In 1983, due to reasons that should serve as a lesson to other chapters, the SBC Chapter went into “hibernation.” The last 1983 batch produced was “Hamster” ‘83b. Gerona, Tarlac mayor Brod Harmes Sembrano was its lone member. Nineteen years would pass without producing a single batch nor having any resident member.

Then in 2002, Brod Mike Guiyab FEU-NRMF ’00 transferred from FEU to the newly opened SBC College of Medicine. In collaboration with SBC alumni-Brods based locally and abroad, he revived the SBC Chapter with batch “Viper” ‘02A. Brod Mike was the revival’s first GP.

The San Beda College Chapter was the proponent of the Betan Elite in 1969.

1967 October 17: Philippine School of Business Administration (PSBA) was founded by SU Brods Manuel “Noly” Eugenio ’63, Donald Maddumba ’62 and Romy Perez ’65, and UP’s Bogs Cabanatan ’65, Ruben Sto. Domingo ‘64, Bart Gacad ‘64, Emil Gobatcha, Jun Leyco ‘65, etc., plus other UPLB brods. Originally they were 28 but one was expelled in 1968.

 PSBA Pioneer Batch

Arturo “Art” Arellano

Marcelo “Mar” Dela Cruz

Antonio “Tony” Protacio

Clemente “Jun” Alipit, Jr.

Edgardo “Osang” de Leon

Edgardo “Edrim” Rimando

Luis “Louie” Agustin, Jr.

Angelito “Lito” Dimaculangan

Edgardo “Ed” Rivera

Rodolfo “Rudy” Banigon

Bayani “Bay” Flores

Augusto “Sonny” Robles

Jose “Joe” Belmonte

Leonido “Nilo” Flores, Jr.

Romeo “Romy” Romagosa

Manuel “Manny” Benasa

Diosdado “Dedeng” Galvez

Josue “Josue” Rosario

Miguel “Mike” Carlos

Vicente “Vic” Llanes, Jr.

Nilo “Meg” Sia

Orlando “Orly” Cajucom

Nestor “Titus” Morales

Florenio “Sol” Solmirano

Danilo “Danny” Cunanan

Romeo “Romy” Noble

Genereso “Gene” Sta. Maria

Art Arellano was the 1st GP of the chapter. Immediately the brods held key positions in the student council, ROTC and the school’s news organ, earning the respect from school officials, various school-based organizations and the entire student population.

1967 October 19: DIVINE WORD UNIVERSITY (DWU) in Tacloban was founded by Diliman Brod  Isagani Isaias “Tito” F. Garcia ’64.

 DWU Pioneer Batch

Ambrosio Q. Abella

Jose T. Larraga

Antonio Q. Aldaba

Oscar S. Lapidario

Agustin B. Bañez

Vincent E. Reyes

Gabriel B. Bañez

Philip E. Santangelo

Jose J. Capucion

Cesar A. Sustento - (1st GP)

1967: Manuel L. Quezon University (MLQU) was organized by UP Diliman Brod Voltaire Domingo, who transferred to the MLQU College of Engineering and Architecture.  Fifteen new members, all from that college, comprised the pioneer batch with Mangolamba D. Hadji Ali, Alimodin Demado, Vicente Gallardo, Raki-in Sakar,  Moda Pandapatan, Senad Sacar and Camal Tundai, to name a few. Voltaire Domingo was 1st GP.

1969 August 29: San Sebastian College (SSC) was founded by SU brods among them, Noly Eugenio ’63, Donald Maddumba ’62 and Goody Vargas ‘66, PSBA’s Sol Solmirano ’67, Ronnie Calinawan ’69, etc. and UP Diliman brods. Ten new brods finished their hell night on August 29, 1969 at the FPJ Studio in Biak na Bato, Del Monte, Quezon City.

 SSC Pioneer Batch

Edgar "Egay" Zafra Dantes

Pablo “Jun” Abasta Regala, Jr.

Thomas “Tom” Alamillo Hermitano

Jose “Jet” Valentin Salas III

Ruben “Bing” Go Nuñez

Roberto “Obet” Aguilar Sia

Hector “Hec” Daguio Paras

Claro “Lito” Robles Sison

Arturo “Art” Carranceja Quintos

Cesar “Cez” Cajucom Velarde

Their batch was called “Stag” and thereafter all batch names were derived from the deer family e.g. Reindeer ’69, Muntjacs ’70, Elk ’71, etc. Jun Regala was the 1st GP.

Beta Sigma’s leadership prowess was proven with Cez Velarde becoming president of the student council and Egay Dantes taking over as ROTC corps commander. Talent wise these young men were fine members of the Sebastinian Men of Songs, who were back to back champions (1969 and 1970) in the Songfest Festival.

1969 October 4: Andres Bonifacio College (ABC) This school chapter in Dipolog was founded by Quirino Canastra ‘67 of Silliman University.

1969 October 12: Central Luzon State University (CLSU) Efren Alvarez, former mayor of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija, is credited with the formation of the CLSU Beta Sigma Fraternity Chapter. Klinks, as he is fondly called, joined the Fraternity in 1967 at UP Diliman but transferred to UPLB where he finished his B.S. and Masters degrees. He was Los Baños GP in 1972-1973.

In 1969 he cross-enrolled in CLSU where he dreamed of establishing a chapter. Starting from an original 50 neophytes, 13 new members were initiated into the Fraternity, calling themselves the "Pacesetters." The first elected CLSU GP was George Castañeda who became a mayor of Lupao, Nueva Ecija.

 CLSU Pioneer Batch

Antonio “Tonklinks” Alvarez

Gil de Guzman

Eduardo “Eddie” Antonio

Carmelito “Mel” Lacadin

Rogelio “Roger” Aquino

Jose Lara

George Castañeda

Remigio “Django” Lazaro

Samuel Corpuz

Antonio Panganiban

Dennis Eusebio

Romeo “Romy” Santillana

Celso Fernando


1969 saint mary’s college (SMC) This college (now known as Saint Mary’s University) in Nueva Vizcaya was founded by UPLB brods, led by Solomon Covita ‘67 and Felipe Calub ’64. It became dormant when martial law was declared in 1972.

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The ‘70s           

1970 August 14: NATIONAL UNIVERSITY (NU) was founded by Silliman brod Manuel D. Espinosa’67 and other brods from UP Diliman and PSBA. NU was the first school chapter to be established in the ‘70s.

1970 October 18: Lyceum of the Philippines (LYCEUM) was established during the days of the militant students’ quarter storm of 1970, before Martial Law was declared. At that time Glenn del Rosario (SBC ‘67) and Larry Santiago (UPLB ’64) recruited a group of progressive and talented students. The pioneer batch was called Zodiac Signs. Erik Versoza III was elected as the first GP.

Lyceum Pioneer Batch

Julius Ceasar "Kokoy" Aguiluz

Aris Martillano

Allan "Boots" Barranda

Robert "Bobby" Ortega

Antonio "Tony" Barranda

Rolando "Rolly" Padilla

Manny Felizardo

Jeff Suyo

Rolando "Rolly" Gaffud

Federico "Erik” Versoza III

1970: Zamboanga de Norte Agricultural College (ZNAC) was organized by brods from ABC.

1970: University of Southern Mindanao

1970 October 18: Adamson University (ADAMSON) was founded by brods from UPLB and USC. When Martial Law was declared in 1972, the chapter went into hibernation until 1975 when it was revived by resident and transferee brods from UPLB, MLQU, Silliman, and FEU. Since then the members and leadership of the chapter were at the forefront of a vibrant student council that represented the common interest of the student community in and outside the campus.

1971: Sacred Heart College (SHC)   Renato “Ato” Abcede (SBC ‘69) introduced the Fraternity to the students of Sacred Heart College in Lucena City. Eight brave men became the pioneering members in the whole Quezon province.

 SHC Pioneer Batch

Carlos Co

 Volet dela Rosa

Gilberto Castro

 Oscar Oretta

Oscar Talavera

 Deo Vigamora

The first batch, Cobra 71A, was composed of Joven Javierto, Manny Quisao, Temmie Quisao, Eddie Danes, Juanito Bisaga, Gil Oben, Renato Altamirano, Pising Mendoza, Boy Alcala, Dario Ramos, Edmund Co, Isagani Valdebella, and Remie Albasan.

1971 August 18 : Ateneo de Zamboanga University (ADZU) The Beta Sigma Fraternity in Zamboanga City was first established in Ateneo de Zamboanga (now the Ateneo de Zamboanga University). Founders were Antonio V. Oliva (UPLB ‘67), Fernando P. Quililan (UPLB ‘66) and Eliseo Carandang (GAUF). The pioneering batch was called Magnificent Seven.

ADZU Pioneer Batch

Edgardo Cardenas

 Oscar “Jojo” Martin

Arthur Dumagon

 Gonzalo Navarro Jr.

Henry Hereño

 Reynauld “Bobong” R. Villafuerte

Reynaldo Manlangit


1971: Philippine Christian University (PCU) then Philippine Christian College was founded by UP Diliman Brod Ely Aglibut ‘60.

PCU Pioneer Batch

Edwin Reyes

Marner Rivera

Rene Velasco

After a brief period of inactivity it was revived on August 14, 1975 with Levi Caramat, Butch and Tito Clemente, Dharry de la Cruz, Toots Ines and James Turingan making up the revival batch.

1972 February 13: Urios College in Butuan City was founded by Silliman brods John Aclaro ‘68, Mawie Calo ’64, Benhur Calo ‘66, Sinforiano P. Torralba ‘69, etc. The 1st GP was Florencio Nombrado, Jr. (SU ’65). The school is now known as FR. SATURNINO URIOS UNIVERSITY (FSUU).

Urios College Pioneer Batch

Bebot Baltazar

Joel Esguerra

Romauldo Callanta

Edgardo Espiritu

Wilfred Cassion

Manuel Gabuya

Joel Chan

Jose Pepito Mallonga

Edmundo Esguerra

Precilito Ruiz

1972 August 20: SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY (SLU) was founded by Baguio Colleges Foundation.

SLU Pioneer Batch

Teodoro Agtarep
Joe Bustamante
Narciso Fernandez
Dante Roc
Thomas Valencia
Virgilio Yao (1st GP)

1972 August 22: Divine Word College - Laoag (DWCL) UPLB Brod Wilfred V. Fermin ’71 went back to his hometown to enroll at DWCL.  He recruited some of his high school mates to form the pioneers of this school.  Twenty-one survived calling themselves “Zodiac ’72.”

DWCL Pioneer Batch

Nestor Adaoag

Ferdinand Geralde

Ferdinand Madamba

Rexie Alcaraz

Glenmille Guerrero

Jimmy Manuel

Joe Blankas

Emmanuel Guerrero

Menandro Nicolas

Alfredo Bustos

Carlos Jacinto

Albert Paguyo

Romeo Camaquin

Noel Labuguen

Arnulfo Peralta

Vincent Cid

Romeo Leaño

Antonio Valenzuela

Herminio Cu

Simeon Luz

Venross Valenzuela

1972 September 17: Jamiatul Philippine Al-Islamia (JPI) The professional brods working at the different offices and institutions in Marawi City, Lanao del Sur organized the chapter in JPI. The 12 organizers who came from different schools in Luzon were UP Diliman Brods Roger Aragon ’69 and Jaime Ramirez, FEU-NRMF’s Gonaranao Mapandi ‘67, Ombra Tamano ‘59, and Erdulfo Tandoc ‘56, MLQU pioneers Rakiin Sacar ‘67, Serad Sacar ‘67, Moda Pandapatan ‘67, and Mangolamba Hadji Ali ‘67, and UM’s Derado Decampong and Taha Decampong. Forty eight new brods comprised the pioneer batch.

JPI Pioneer Batch

Basmala Abbas

Lingga Macadindang

Menor Rasol

Malik Abanto

Salic Macarambon

Mahid Sabdullah

Serad Alonto

Colman Macaraya

Aragasi Sacar

Maca-angcos Ampuan

Dauto Magarang

Mangayao Sacar

Abdul Batua

Tagoranao Malic

Romulo Sacar

Aragasi Bongcarawan

Linog Mama

Kiram Sampao

Macapado Caye

Macapado Maminggun

Ali Sarip

Magsaysay Dibaratun

Aragasi Mapandi

Allang Saripada

Ramon Disomimba

Disomimba Maulana

Recto Saromandang

Lawan Dimakuta

Maulana Menor

Mastura Senoden

Mandangan Domato

Daud Mitmug

Nasser Sumali

Abdul Galman

Azis Monte

Pendaton Sultan

Ali Goling

Linogaman Nicdao

Cabib Taher

Paiso Guro

Paisal Pacasum

Mar Taher

Omar Indol

Omar Pimping

Paisal Tomawis

Lacsasa Maca-ayong

Amanollah Pundato

Salem Tubal

1973 June 16: Bicol University COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE (BUCA) In mid 1973 two UPLB brods, Augusto F. Buenaventura Jr. ‘71d and Rafael A. Monte ‘72a, enrolled at the Bicol University College of Agriculture in Guinobatan, Albay as Agronomy students. They noticed the proliferation of various students’ organizations trying for the top slots of the College Student Council Organization. Together with another brod from Siliman University, Alberto de Jesus Tingson ‘69c, these three Betans decided that the time was ripe for the emergence of a new breed of students in the school’s leadership circle.

On June 16, 1973 the Bicol University Beta Sigma Fraternity BUCA Chapter was established. The school is now known as Bicol University COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE and forestry (BUCAF).

BU-Main Pioneer Batch

Vic A. Agnes

 Rosseler O. Olayres

Elmer D. Alban

 Orestes T. Salon

The exemplary leadership and academic excellence shown by the resident brods attracted more and more students to join the fraternity. But the torturous initiation rites and rigid indoctrination patterned after the UP chapter proved too much for many applicants. Only the best of the best survived and were able to prove their mettle when they transferred to other universities in Manila. The presence too of Sigma Betans in the campus further enhanced the lives of the resident brods. At that time it was not surprising to see Beta Sigmans courting Sigma Betans and eventually ending up marrying each other. It is therefore not surprisingly to note that quite a number of new resident members are children of brods who married Sigma Betans.

Subsequently, new chapters were founded in the other colleges of the Bicol University System. Brod Ed Marbida and the late Jun Fajardo established the Arts and Sciences Chapter and later, The College of Engineering sub-chapter in December 4, 1983. As with the BUCA experience, the brods in the other colleges, under the leadership of Brod Robert “Obet” Labayen, further outshone their contemporaries. With the support coming from the elders, the resident brods initiated literary contests, blood-letting and tree planting activities. To further strengthen the bonds of brotherhood with other chapters, the B.U brods visited and coordinated with other chapters in the provinces of Masbate, Catanduanes, Camarines Sur, Sorsogon, and Camarines Norte and participated in the initiation rites.

1974 March 17: Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) This chapter (formerly Philippine College of Commerce) was established through the untiring efforts of then University of Manila GP Mike Cuevas and the PCC Sigma Beta sisters. Redentor Badel was the first GP.  It was revived on March 14, 19993.

PUP Pioneer Batch

Deogracias Acupan

 Redentor Badel

Gil Tolentino

 Orlando Gallardo

1974 August 3: Mapua Institute of Technology (MIT) In 1973, University of Manila Brod Oliver Corpuz transferred to Mapúa, an institution in Intramuros where future scientists, engineers, builders and educators are produced. In early 1974, he recruited students who became members of the pioneer batch (Cancer II).

MIT Pioneer Batch (Cancer II)

Leopoldo Buenaventura

 Pepito “Pete” Barcellano

Honesto "Estong" Claudio

 Vic Tabing 

Richard "Ricky" Espejo


Their final rites were held on March 16,1974 at the residence of Brod Erik Versoza (Lyceum ’70) at Commonwealth Edison Avenue, sponsored by University of Manila and Philippine College of Commerce chapters.  

In 1974 UPLB Brod Bernardo "Ben" Bucad '71 transferred to Mapua.  Unknown of the existence of resident brods in Mapúa, Ben took it upon himself to recruit a batch of neophytes with the intention of founding a chapter at MIT.  From this batch, 13 survived the final rites on August 3, 1974 and came to be known as batch Cardinals. 

MIT Pioneer Batch (Cardinals)

Joey Amaba

Nestor de Villa

Jaime “Boy” Brillantes

Robert Magat

Balbino “Bing” Buñing

Marcial Mariano

Angelito “Lito” Casiano

Melan Peñaflor

Renato “Rennie” Castro

Steve Perez

Sofronio “Ponyong” Castillo

Leonardo “Leo” Resuello

Rolando “Rolly” dela Cruz


This batch and date came to be known from then on as the founding batch and anniversary date of the chapter. The 1974-A batch decided to use the Mapúa’s varsity team name for their batch name and all other batches thereafter used a bird’s name as their theme.  

The chapter continued to exist until 1986 when the last resident brod walked out the gate of Mapúa and the chapter became nonexistent. 

In 1992 Roy Richard Amparado, a Betan Elite from Claret School met Arnhelle Catapang, a fellow Betan Elite from Los Baños. They planned to join the Beta Sigma Fraternity of Mapúa, but didn’t have any luck in finding any resident Beta Sigman.  For months the two searched until they saw a student who had a sticker logo of Malmon on his notebook.  It was Chicko Lazaro who fortunately had a brother who was a Beta Sigman from PSBA Quezon City.  

The three were determined to be part of the revival of the MIT Beta Sigma Chapter. In 1993 they were presented as neophytes under the guidance of UP Diliman, UPLB and PSBA Beta Sigma chapters.  Batch 1993-A (Born Survival) completed their final initiation rites on March 3, 1993. Since then, several other students have joined the fold and the MIT chapter continues to enjoy a healthy resident count. 

1974 November 24: University of Santo Tomas (UST) Sometime in 1974, the idea to form a chapter in the University of Santo Tomas was thought about by brods from UP Diliman. In June that same year, amid the school opening day jitters, hardworking brods from UP and other university belt schools recruited 30 students to become part of this noble and prestigious organization. 

UP Diliman Brods Danny Lachica ‘71, Toti Belda ‘73, Gary Flores ‘69, Cesar Ramirez, Cedric Gloria ‘69, and Jun Valenzuela ‘73, SSC’s Tembong Salas ‘69 and Panggot Padilla ‘72, SBC’s Buss Serrano ‘70, Boy Pamiloza ‘67, Rene Gaston ‘68, Alex Asper ‘74 and Roy Flores ‘74, and PSBA’s Arnel Racho ‘73, Armand Busmente ‘73 and Bob Astudillo ‘74 and many others made the feat very hard and challenging especially on the final day. Only eleven survived to emerge as the pioneers of UST Beta Sigma, calling their batch as “St. Peters.” GP Bhot Salas was the first GP of UST.

UST Pioneer Batch

Oscar Aragon

Dick Jhocson

Joey Auditor

Tiboon Landig

Dan Bustamante

Boyet Mendoza

Ronnie Castillo

Henry Pablo

Wally De Leon

Bhot Salas (1st GP)

Lito Francisco


1975 January 12: Philippine Maritime Institute – Manila (PMI) was founded through the efforts of MLQU brods. 

PMI Pioneer Batch

Ismael Laguindab (1st GP)

Alex Olivar

Manny Velasco 

1975 January 25: Mindanao State University - Marawi City (MSU-MARAWI) was organized by UP Diliman Brods Roger Aragon ’69, Mukthar Muallam, Jamie Ramirez, and Raul Nuguid ‘73; UPLB‘s Edgardo Aranico ‘70; FEU-NRMF’s Dr. Ombra Tamano ‘59, Dr. Erdulfo Tandoc ‘56, and Dr. Gonaranao Mapandi ‘67; Basmala Abbas (JPI ’72), Rommel Pimping, Mangolamba Hadji Ali (MLQU ‘67) and Mar Soriano (CMU ‘74).                   

MSU Pioneer Batch

David "Dave" Almarez

Diamael "Tatay James" Lucman

Manolito Ayon

Harun Pangcoga

Rashid "Rash" Banto

Saga Mangacop

Macapantao Guro

Percival "Archie" Narida

1975 March 13: University of the East - Recto  (UE-RECTO) The chapter in the University of the East – Recto had its auspicious start on December 8, 1974, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. 

It was in a three-story building in G. Tuazon, Sampaloc, Manila, owned by the family of Gerry Ortega (SBC ’68), where Sebastian “Buzz” Serrano (SBC ’70) brought a group of nineteen young college students from University of the East for an interview. The late Rene Martinez Gaston (SBC ’68), Leonides “Boy” Pamiloza (SBC ’67), San Sebastian’s Jose Valentin “Tembong” Salas ‘69 and Alexander Lindayag ‘70, Ronnie Manalo Castillo (UST ’74), and others made up the screening committee. 

Victor Antonio “Bitoy” Isaac Yance was the designated leader of Batch Warriors. On January 19, 1975, they were introduced to the legendary Eliseo “Ely” Tejada Aglibut (UP ’60) and Perry “The Jackal” Callanta (UP ‘69) for indoctrination. 

By March 13, 1975 the original nineteen were down to six. The remaining neophytes of Batch Warriors were taken to a compound in Libis, Quezon City owned by the family of Adriano “Andy” Ilagan Apostol (SBC ’67). There were over a hundred masters but they were able to hurdle the final rites. 

UE-Recto Pioneer Batch

Tommy “Mash” Pastor Abijero

Bantog “Banny” Mohamad Mala

Juan “Chito” Enriquez de Dios

Victor Yance

Rico Fortaleza Laya

Calvin “Boy” Lopez Zipagan, Jr.

Alexander Ng was a “guest neophyte” from University of Manila. The first GP was Buzz Serrano with Victor Yance as Vice. 

1975 September 7: Far Eastern University-Arts (FEU-ARTS) was founded by UE brods led by  Rico Laya ’75 and Victor “Bitoy” Yance ‘75, and Ernesto “Boy” Pantig (UP ’73) and Sebastian Felipe “Buzz” Serrano (SBC ’70). Seventeen pioneer members, mostly coming from Malasique, Pangasinan, comprised batch “Royal Walnut.” Dennis Gabriel was the 1st GP. 

FEU-Arts Pioneer Batch

Angelito R. Aragon

Emmanuel Giarte

Dominador D. Belen

Dennis Gabriel

Arnulfo L. Banzon

Ramon V. Macaraeg

Jeremiah Casayuran

Ernesto Navarro

Alberto D. Cornista

Eduardo Robles

Antonio M. Domantay

Mike Sandig

Arnulfo Dumawal

Abdon Sison

Sergio Jacildo

Alexander D. Virata

Roberto A. Geronimo


1975 November 24: University of Northern Philippines (UNP) Brods Romeo Pato (University of Baguio ‘74) and Mario Pagal (Lyceum Baguio ‘72), both transferees to the university in Vigan, Ilocos Sur, founded this chapter. The pioneer batch (‘75A) was Benjamin Paet, a lone member. He would become the chapter’s first GP.  

The Beta Sigma Fraternity is the first and longest recognized fraternity in UNP. It was recognized in the school year 1978-79 under the able leadership of Brod Peter Paul Ramirez ‘76. It remained as the only recognized fraternity until the school year 2001-02 when the school administration organized the ProFRAT (Peaceful and Responsible Organized Fraternities), whose first chairman was Brod Tatum Tolentino ‘94B.  

After the entry of Brod Valeriano Calub III ‘91C, there was an influx of membership to the Fraternity thereby necessitating to declare UNP Candon City Branch another independent chapter.  

1975: BICOL University COLLEGE of FISHERIES (BUCF) in Tabaco, Albay was founded by BUCA Betans. The campus closed in the ‘80s but re-opened in the late ‘90s as the BICOL University TABACO CAMPUS (BUTC). The chapter was revived in 2004 through the efforts of BUCF alumni in cooperation with brods from BU-Main and Aquinas University - Legaspi.

1976 February 3: Araullo University (ARAULLO) Founded by Brods Johnny Nuñez, Lorenz Silva, Caesar and Ensie Tadiaman. 

1976 February 14: UNIVERSITY of PANGASINAN (U-PANG) San Sebastian Brod Butch Aperocho ’75 transferred to this university and started to recruit members to form a chapter. Together with SLU’s Dr. Tristan Ferrer and Ronie del Leon, UB’s Rey Caranto, Ace Manzano (nurse from Baguio General Hospital) and MSAC’s Edmund Samilin, they initiated Norman and Noel Apercoho (Butch’s siblings) on February 11, 1976. Three days later 7 more finished  on February 14, 1976 Dominique Abalos, Jake Aguilar, Monchito Cayabyab, Awang Del Rosario, Jimmy Ferrer, Victor Ramos and Mario Yanqueling. The two Aperocho brothers still considered them as members of the pioneer batch and all nine called their batch “Valentino.” First GP was Norman Aperocho.


The chapter remained inactive beginning in the early ‘80s. It was revived by Dominic Caneja (UPang ‘80s) on December 16, 1989 with Alfredo De Guzman, Nicanor Manuel, Aris Petrona and Alain Siapno comprising the revival batch “Snake.“ Dominic Caneja was the GP during its resurgence. 

1976 March 25: MSU – Iligan Institute of Technology  (MSU-IIT) Brods James Lucman ‘75 and Dave C. Alamarez ‘75, pioneers of MSU main campus at Marawi City, and the Mallonga brothers of Urios College in Butuan City  founded the chapter at the MSU Iligan Institute of Technology.

With strong determination and perseverance, 10 young men survived the initiation on that fateful day of March 25, 1976. 

MSU-IIT Pioneer Batch

Roger Amores

Ricardo Cinco

Magdara Aragon Anarig

Keithly Labrado

Subaer Arumpac

Sambituri Muhammad Maznar

Tarcisio Bolotaolo

Emilio “Boy” Nicolasin

Fedelis Sanchez Calo

Manuel Flores Varona

The pioneer batch then recruited another 10 deserving young men, who saw the light on August 22, 1976, namely Felino Aguilar, Malic Ali, Rey Escalante, Enrique Tajan Langit, Celieto Legazpi, Jessie Robert “Toto” Mallonga, Ali Maulana Maminta, Gagato Palo, Cerilo Respicio, Jr., and Edilberto Tinoza. The Fraternity was active until 1988 when the chapter went into hibernation. 

Then on December 6, 1998, the chapter was revived through the effort of Brod Dave C. Almarez, already a professor in political science, who recruited 50 young and dynamic students in the campus. He was ably assisted by alumni brods like Dr. Dennis Jo (FEU-NMRF), Mangolamba Hadji Ali (MLQU ‘67), Dado Raquel (MSU), Richard Yaun (MSU-IIT ‘80), and Rey Arat (Adamson ’83) to name a few, in initiating the revival batch. Only 13 of them saw the light and they were Bobby Alamhali, Elmor Bagunas, Kim Calitas, Harly Canete, Ruhollah Duruin, Charlie Magne Intong, Hutch Malogao, Nasif Padate, Geno Piedad, Moses Peque, Azor Quijano, Seth Solamo, and Ethelbert Tudtud. 

Till this day the saga of men of MSU-IIT continues. 

1976 July 24: University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos (UNO-R) Over in Talisay, Negros Occidental, 17 applicants underwent a series of initiation processes under the tutelage of Brod Ramon Hermoso (GAUF ‘74). All seventeen survived to become the 1st initiated batch of the Beta Sigma Fraternity in the University of Negros Occidental Recoletos. Wenifredo Casuyon was the 1st GP. 

UNO-R Pioneer Batch

Wenifredo Casuyon

Rey Hicaro

Eduardo Buglosa

Archie Jodit

Jimmy Dayot

Wenifredo Labarro

Reboni De Paula

Abiner Ore

Bok Divinigracia

Damaso Parandas

Pepe Dolar

Rey Pongyan

Nilo Garbanzos

Hernani Sison

Cesar Genobata

Jessie Torres

Hernan Gonzales


1976 September 26: Mariano Marcos State University (MMSU) This chapter in the city of Batac, Ilocos Norte was founded by SBC Brod Humphrey “Botsie” Dahilig plus brods from DWCL. 

MMSU Pioneer Batch

Larry Abundo

Cesar Manangan

Amado Cabie

Filipino Panilo

Davinci Crisostomo

Isagani Paraoan

Henry Ibarra

Rogelio Salvador

 1976: Northern Christian College (NCC) Farther north of Ilocos Norte, this chapter in Laoag City was started by DWCL Brods Freddie Bustos ’72 and Joe Blankas ‘72. First batch was called “Quatro Cantos.”  

NCC Pioneer Batch

Propetiso Guillermo

 Wilson Tapiru

Ernesto Justo

 Gamelbal Valenzuela

1976 October 3: De La Salle University - Taft Ave. Campus (DLSU-TAFT) The De La Salle University Beta Sigma Fraternity Chapter started when a group of 5 noble men from the Taft Avenue campus wanted to be Beta Sigmans. The SBC Beta Sigma Chapter sponsored them with the concurrence of BetaPhil president and UP GP Danny Lachica ‘71. Sessions were held at different university belt sites most notably P. Noval and Funeraria Oro in Sampaloc, Manila. 

GPs from every chapter were invited to give indoctrinations and inspirational talks to the would-be founding brothers. GP Rey Martinez ’75 and Master of Initiations Manny Pica (UPLB ‘75) headed San Beda Chapter that time. Notable brods during that time were the late Rene Gaston (SBC ’68), Boy Pantig, Boy Pamiloza (SBC ’67), Boy Cerilles (SBC ’71), Dick Jhocson (UST ’74), Gonzy Relova (SU ’74), U.P.‘s Chris Michelena ‘73, SSC’s  Jet Salas ‘69, as well as other brods who frequent the P. Noval Tambayan.  

Final rites were held at the Dacha residence of Brod Alex Aguilar (SU ’63) in Muntinlupa, Metro Manila, simultaneous with rites for the revival of MCU. A multitude of brods were present to grace the initiation of the founding chapter. There was likewise a BetaPhil meeting that day. That memorable day of October 3, 1976 marked the saga of the founding batch “Calamity” of the DLSU Beta Sigma Fraternity. 

DLSU-Taft Pioneer Batch

Rey Alfred Hernandez

 Abelardo “Argie” Valenzuela (1st GP)

Prospero “Bos” Hernandez II

 Domingo “Che” Guevara, Jr.   

Abraham “Bong” Fanco, Jr.


1976 December 19: Nueva Vizcaya State University (NVSU), formerly the Nueva Vizcaya State Institute of Technology (NVSIT), was founded by FEATI’s Edward Bangunan ’76 and Emerito Evangelista ’75 and PMI’s Rene Valido ’75. Other recognized founders were UPLB’s Rene Alvarado ’67, Solomon Covita ’67, Virgilio Fabian ’72 and Romeo Marabut ’71; FEATI’s Edgar Bangunan ’76; PMI’s Peter Lamoste ’75 and Eddie Manat ’75; UERM’s Cerilo Galindez; UM’s Milo Atayde and SMC’s Ador Dacumos, Jun Domingo and Oscar Ferrer.

Since it also involved the revival of Saint Mary’s College, it was initially called Nueva Vizcaya Beta Sigma Fraternity – NVSIT and SMC, with Emerito Evangelista as the 1st GP. There were 11 who survived, 10 from NVSIT and one from SMC.  

NVSIT Pioneer Batch

Nestor Aresta

Hansel Ramos

Andrew Agusto

Policarpio Tolentino

Aquino Caramat Jr.

Ric Vargas

Banwar Corpus

Buenafe Valido (SMC)

Marvin Managad

Romeo Vasquez

Roger Mateo


This was the scenario until such time that NVSIT and Saint Mary’s College could stand on their own, as separate chapters. When this was realized in 1977, Brods Nestor Aresta and Edgar Bangunan assumed the stewardship of NVSIT and SMC, respectively. 

NVSIT was recognized by the school administration three years later with Brod James Martinez at the helm as GP. SMC had two more GPs after Edgar Bangunan before the chapter ceased to exist. 

1976 December 21: Bulacan Agriculture State College (BASC) Founded by Brod Ricardo Joson ‘74 of CLSU. 

1977 March 5: University of Perpetual Help System Laguna (UPHSL)  formerly Perpetual Help College of Laguna was founded by Brod Benedicto Reyes (Lyceum ’75) and Ramon Belizario (UPLB ’76).

1977 March 6: MSU-SDTC was founded by Brods Antonio Villanueva (MSU-Marawi), Dawang Lakkian (MSU-Marawi) and Celso Bayabos (SU ‘71). 

1977 May 19: Notre Dame Jolo College (NDJC) was founded by MSU-Marawi Brods Samsula Adju, Dawang Lakkian, and Mahendra Madjilon and Alvaro Navata of PCCr.     

1977 July 14: Trinity College (TCQC) was founded by Brods Bing Madrazo (SU ‘75), Chito Alinell (QC Medical Center) and Joey Auditor III (UST ’74). 

1977 October 3: U.P. College Baguio (UP BAGUIO) The Beta Sigma Fraternity, U.P. College Baguio Chapter, was founded by Brods Rene Evangelista (UP ’63, then an instructor in Physical Education at UP Baguio, and Mapua’s Steve Perez ‘74 and Bong Lacson ‘75. In cooperation with the Beta Sigma Baguio Central Committee, the task was realized in seven new brothers who composed the pioneer batch. 

UP Baguio Pioneer Batch

John Fred Antig

Alwin Castro

Jocel Baac

Glorisimo Pionilla

Jun Biete

Sonny Velasco

Rene Calantuan


1977: Zamboanga Arturo Eustaquio Colleges (ZAEC) students were recruited sometime in 1977 by the ADZU chapter. 

1977: Luzonian University or Manuel S. Envarga University Foundation (MSEUF) Through the efforts of Gil Paguirigan (SHC ‘76), who was enrolled in the Luzonian University another chapter was organized in 1977. The pioneer batch was called Apache. Today the university is known as Manuel S. Envarga University Foundation. 

Luzonian University Pioneer Batch

Melchor Alivia, Jr.

Rogelio Lacerna

Carlos Balquedra

Andrew Marquez

Ding de Castro

Rolando Rances

Manuel Decembrana

Procito Reyes

Rommel de Guia

Domingo Tadiosa

Rene de Ocampo

Menandro Tolentino

Rufino de Ramos

Alberto Viscocho

Nestor Imperial, Jr.

Danilo Zaballero

1977: Wesleyan University Philippines (WUP) This University in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija was founded by CLSU Brod Napoleon Diaz ‘74. 

WUP Pioneer Batch

Boy Abando

Jet Mendoza

Ojie Failadona

Tito Racquel

Nitoy Fernandez

Ruben Santos

1978: Tarlac State University (TSU) Formerly Tarlac College of Technology was founded by SLU Brods James and Jessie Arce, Mario Tabaquero, Rommel Cabading, Jeffrey Baluyot and Joe Torres. It was revived in 1994 by Brods Rudy Buan (UP ‘72), Monching Peñalosa (ADZU ’77), Edong Abraham, Noel Espiritu (Adamson ’76), Conde Dancel (UP) and Paulo Mercado (UPLB ‘70).              

1978 April: Binalbagan Catholic College (BCC) This chapter was founded by brods from the University of Negros Occidental-Recolectos and Visayan Maritime Academy in Bacolod City among them Totong Arellano, Enrico Canieso, Romelson Diaz, John Insular and Joemon Lucasan.  

BCC Pioneer Batch

Rey Brezuela

Greg Jambongana

Romeo Vasquez

1978 May 21: Saint Columban College (St.CC), Pagadian, Zamboanga del Sur 

1978 September 16: Don Mariano Marcos Memorial STATE University – La Union (DMMMSU) In 1975 the main and only campus of Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University (DMMMSU), the College of Agriculture and Forestry (CAF) in Sapilang, Bacnotan, La Union (now North-La Union campus) was that time a fraternity-free campus under a non-Betan President. The Dean for Instruction then was a GAUF Betan, Dr. Reynaldo Galban ‘72, who recruited nine (9) neophytes. Dr. Galban conducted initiations at night time in a poultry farm with the help of a trusted caretaker as his security. The caretaker, armed with a shotgun, was positioned up on a tree as a look-out while Dr. Galban was handling the initiation alone, with orders to fire at any of the nine neophytes who retaliate. Before the complete processing of the nine neophytes was accomplished, the administration got wind of this activity and kicked out Dr. Galban from the school. Dr. Galban then transferred to MSAC (now BSU). Further initiation of the nine (9) neophytes was deferred. 

In 1978, Roger Mateo (NVSIT ‘76) and Eldon Passion (MSAC ‘76E) enrolled at DMMMSU, which at this time was already under a Betan President, the late Dr. Bienvenido P. Agpaoa (UPLB ’53). Tipped by Dr. Galban the two, with the able assistance of elder Jun Nufable (UB ’72), searched for the nine deferred neophytes. Only five (5) then were willing to continue and finally finished on September 16, 1978. Their batch name was “Pioneer”. Roger Mateo was the 1st GP. 

DMMMSU Pioneer Batch

Ernesto Ablao

 Leoncio Fontanilla

Ricardo Calica

 Alex Nuesca  

Ricardo Ellorda


Outside of the main campus, the DMMMSU Mid-La Union campus (formerly La Union School of Arts and Trades) in the City of San Fernando, La Union was established in 1983 with Demie Nudo, Danny Galasi and the late Endong Flores as pioneers. Eventually many more were recruited from Saint Louis College, Union Christian College and Lorma College, schools considered as DMMMSU-affiliate in the City. DMMMSU was recognized as the mother school chapter.   

1978 September 17: MISAMIS UNIVERSITY (MU) was founded by CMU brods. 

1979 January 28: Aquinas University - Legaspi (AUL) In the late ‘70s a group of students who excelled in different fields were gathered together, as if by destiny, in one closely-knit barkadahan in the Aquinas University of Legazpi (AUL). One of the members of that barkadahan was Brod Renato “Ato” Teruel who was then a bona fide student of the Beta Sigma School of Martial Arts. Brod Ato was indoctrinated and processed into the Betan ideals and principles, and accepted in 1977 into the fold of the fraternity in Sorsogon by the then handlers and masters of the School of Martial Arts who were Betans from the University of the Philippines. But still, formally, there was no Beta Sigma chapter in AUL.

Betan as he is, Ato thought of formally sowing the seeds of the Fraternity in Aquinas University of Legazpi believing in the potentials of the barkadahan towards the Betan life. He, however, was tentative on the idea thinking that alone, he would most possibly struggle for recognition of the chapter. He did not want any Aquinian Betan after him, especially the barkadahan, to face the unpleasant consequences of not being recognized by the greater Betan Family then existing in the Province of Albay. He waited for the proper opportunity… and he did not wait long.

In 1978, UPLB Brod Jesus Orlando “Joy” Quiñones ‘78 transferred to Aquinas University of Legazpi. Joy’s transfer to the Aquinas University of Legazpi came as a blessing that completed all the pieces that were needed to finally make a reality out of the noble longing to establish a Beta Sigma Fraternity chapter in the Aquinas University of Legazpi. Joy’s presence and status as a UPLB brod eradicated the probable predicament of recognition should the chapter be finally and formally established. Brod Ato Teruel and Brod Joy Quiñones, thus, teamed-up to found the AUL Chapter of the Beta Sigma Fraternity.

And in January 28, 1979, on the feast of St. Thomas Aquinas, the Aquinas University of Legazpi Chapter of the Beta Sigma Fraternity came to be. The LAUREL BATCH was composed of the members of the barkadahan. They are: Brod Bobet Halcon, Brod Prime Carrascal, Brod Romy Doloiras, Brod Bert Haylar, Brod Ed Gamos, Brod Chito Estrellado, Brod Sonny Llona and Brod Jun Gile. These Fraternity Brothers then initiated the PIONEER BATCH of ‘79 who were friends of the barkadahan. They are: Brod Johnny Escandor, Brod Endz Tianco, Brod Bobby Espirito, Brod Mars Nardo, Brod Mike Carranza, Brod Alex Fresnido, Brod, Ranol Gime, Brod Fields Nav , Brod Choy Gotis and Brod Teps Logajino.

These young brods became the pillars of the university in their college days as they were at the forefront of all university activities and organizations. The Central Student Council of AUL was, for a time, handled and led by these brods. They became partners of the University administration as well as the Dominican Fathers in building and revitalizing the name of AUL as a reputable institution, not only in Albay but also in the whole Bicol Region. They became a resounding voice of the university in its social and civic involvement as most of them handled the reigns of leadership in most of the student organizations at that time including the Pegasus, the official newsletter of AUL.

During and towards the end of the Marcos era, of dictatorship, and even after which, most of these brods became front-liners in political activism and student movements in the Bicol Region.

Indeed, in the campus leadership became synonymous with the AUL Beta Sigma Fraternity – a legacy that was, and is still being passed on from one Betan generation to the next.

1979 March 4: Western Mindanao State University (WMSU) In Zambaonga City during the SY 1978-79, there were Beta Sigmans enrolled but they came from other chapters. They were Edgar Araojo (MSU ‘78), Ramir Araojo (MSU ‘77), Cecile “Bong” de la Cruz (MSU), Ramon Lubaton (Xavier U ‘79) and Nonito Gonzaga (ADZU). It was on March 4, 1979 that the first batch of Beta Sigmans in WMSU survived.  

WMSU Pioneer Batch

Nelson Albretch

 Joselito Quimson

Arthur Enriquez

 Allen Schuck 

Nestor Maprangala


But with “very high initiation standards”, the Fraternity soon found itself without recruits and eventually ceased to exist during the early ‘80s.  The same thing happened with Ateneo de Zambonga University (ADZU) and the Zamboanga A.E. Colleges (ZAEC), now the Universidad de Zamboanga. 

Efforts to revive the three chapters mustered its much-needed support when the Zamboanga City Beta Sigma Fraternity Alumni Association was organized with Brod Rudy Luceñada (MSU '75) as its founding president. Thus, to facilitate the realization of such dream, Brod Rudy Luceñada together with Brod Alvin Raval (MSU '80A) sought the assistance of then Southcom Chief Brod Lt. Gen. Ruperto Ambil (UP Diliman), who was then the keynote speaker of a symposium on campus leadership at the WMSU Gym. Participants/audience were mostly students of Brod Peter Melchor Natividad (WMSU '82), then WMSU professor under the Institute of Physical Education Sports & Cultural Arts (IPESCA), Brod Edgar Araojo (MSU '78A), WMSU professor at the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) and Sis Lea U. Laput (MSU Sigma Beta '78), also a professor at CAS.  

The speech of Brod Lt. Gen. Ruperto Ambil Sr. during said leadership symposium anchored so much on the acronym of the BETAN Ideals - Brotherhood, Excellence, Tradition, Achievement and Nationalism, thus making the symposium a virtual orientation program. 

After said symposium, closed door orientations were done in a classroom of WMSU thru the help of WMSU professor-brods/sis. It was at first difficult to proceed with the WMSU revival batch as the concerned WMSU professor-brods/sis and the professional brods enrolled at the WMSU College of Law and at the WMSU-Graduate School (MA - Education & MPA) were apprehensive of the strict implementation of the Anti-Hazing Law and therefore, were hesitant to accept the role of being the interim set of officers of the WMSU Beta Sigma Fraternity. With constant prodding and regular meetings to tackle the anti-hazing law and to provide the assurance of support (moral/financial/legal or otherwise), the concerned committed brods eventually yielded if only to make that dream come true. 

To manage the affairs of the WMSU Beta Sigma Fraternity, with the end in view of reviving the WMSU chapter, the following were the interim set of officers: GP Arsanial "Archie" Sappayani (MSU-SDTC '78), Vice GP Oscar Manogura (MSU-Marawi Main Campus '76B), MOTR Danilo Damiles (MSU-Marawi '75B), GOTC Ramon Lubaton (Xavier U '79), Chamberlain Aniceto Darunday (ABC '69), Herald Celestino Morados (Xavier U '78) and Wielder of the Sword Andres Lacquio (MSU-TCTO '86). The WMSU Advisers were Brods Pedro Melchor "Peter" Natividad and Edgar "Kibs" Araojo and Sis Lea Usman-Laput. 

The Council of Elders was composed of Brods Roberto "Bert" T. Lim (UPLB '52), Roberto "Bert" G. De Vera (UPLB '56) and Onofre "Grine" T. Griño (UPLB '50). The ZC Beta Sigma Fraternity Alumni Association set-of-officers and other alumni brods, notably Brods Drs. Roy Chicombing (UE) and Khayser Igasan (Fatima) and Bong Romero, Felvin Cagoco, Emmanuel "Mem" San Juan (SU '66) and Totie Baban (GAUF) continue to provide the needed support and guidance. 

In March 9, 1997, the revival batch, Kapit-bisig, of the WMSU Chapter reestablished the Beta Sigma’s presence in the premiere university with the following members: Admizar Utuhujan, Alfredo Gaco, Jhufel M. Brañanola, Raul Ruben R. Rivera, Jr., Andres C. Espiritusanto, Nicoflor Gellecania, Olympus W. Bas, Erlisli Luceñada, Jonathan Juarez, Roberto Angeles, Christian Mark Tabuan, Danilo dela Cruz and Rodolfo F. Saavedra. 

The WMSU chapter of the Beta Sigma continues to have recruits since then. Presentation and pre-finals were regularly held at the residence of Brod Ramon "Mon" Lubaton (XU '79). The final rites were usually at the farmhouse/resort of Brod Bert De Vera (UPLB '56) but the more recent ones were held at the farmhouse of Brod Hector Baling (UP-Visayas in Miag-ao, Iloilo) at Boalan, Zamboanga City. To date, the WMSU chapter has produced close to twenty batches already.

1979 November 1: PALAWAN STATE UNIVERSITY (PSU) This school in Puerto Princesa was originally known as Palawan Teachers College and then Palawan State College. Eliseo ‘Ely’ Aglibut (UP ’60), was instrumental in forming this chapter. Together with Milan Peñaflor (MIT ’74), Rodolfo ‘Boy’ Maslog (UPLB ’54), Rodolfo Pilor (UPLB ’62) and a few others, they initiated PSU’s pioneers – Ramon Ponce de Leon and Henry Pacleb. The chapter produced its last batch in 1981. It was revived in 1989.

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The ‘80s           

1980 January: Central Luzon Polytechnic College (CLPC) now known as Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology was founded by Wesleyan brods. This is also in Cabanatuan City. 

1981 November 28: CENTRAL PHILIPPINE UNIVERSITY (CPU) This school chapter in Jaro, Iloilo City was founded by brods Andy Genio (GAUF'78) and Rene Varona (SLU). The two recruited freshmen students who were members of the CPU Betan Elite Society. Composing the pioneer batch "Golden Seed" were Dodjie Caro, Jose Maria Gomez, James Jaudian, Antonio Laguna, Jr. and Noli P. Santua, Jr., who served as the 1st GP.

1982 April 3: PAMPANGA AGRICULTURAL College (PAC) was founded by CLSU Brods Manny Banasihan ’74 and Eddie Pangan ’74 and MSAC Brod Rogelio Quiambao '76. First to be initiated into this chapter were Ernesto Dizon, Florentino Gonzales and Gener Pangan (1st GP), calling their batch "Centurions."

1982 October 23: Philippine Muslim Christian College of Medicine (PMCCM) in Antipolo, Rizal was founded by Brods Alykhan Balt (MSU ’75), Myron S. Duque (FEU-Arts ’77), Mario Lato (FEUNRMF ’79) and Federico “Eric” Malubay (FEU-Arts ’76), who enrolled in this college of medicine after finishing their bachelor degrees. 

The pioneer batch “Sierra Madre” was composed of Renato Mateo and Illuminado Reyes, Jr. Joining them was Jonathan Cadacio, guest neophyte from FEUNRMF. Finals was held in Love Memorial Park in Noveleta, Cavite on October 23, 1982. Myron Duque was the 1st GP. However, due to political turmoil in the country the school closed in 1989 with Andy Rubio ’85 serving as the last elected GP. 

1982 September 12: Cebu Doctors College (CDC) Sometime in the 2nd quarter of 1982, a group of Beta Sigmans from UP Cebu composed of Tereso Balankig, John Brodeth, Dan Dira, John Cobar, Edwin Garrido, Vince Legaspi and Marco Toral recruited students fron Cebu Doctors College to join the Beta Sigma Fraternity.

CDC Pioneer  Batch

Dick Asagra

 Joel Torrevillas

Melchor Kim Kwan

 Manuel Villamor 

Rolan Salgado


1983 August 14: DAVAO MEDICAL SCHOOL FOUNDATION (DMSF) was founded by UPLB Brod Stephen Tay’78 and NDU Brod Abdullah Dumama, Jr.

DMSF Pioneer Batch

Lito Chiu
Glen Corpus
Natex Rex Ewanyanwu
Ndbuisi Ezengwa
Ronaldo Fabian
Henry Gecosala
Samuel Jampayas
Richard Parrenas
Joy Pepino

1983 December 4: Bicol University College of Engineering (BUCENG) was organized by BU brods. It is now the Bicol University – Main campus (BU-Main).

1985 August 20: Angeles University Foundation College of Medicine (AUFCM). During a laboratory class in the first week of school, Augusto “Tito” Martin SLU ’79 was asked by a female classmate about the cigarette mark in his hand. When he told her he was a Beta Sigman, his classmate said she is a Sigma Betan from UPLB, Marilou “Malou” Tanchico, who knew another brod in that school. Together with UERM Brods Adonis Avila, Ricky De Leon, Christopher Hemady and Ramon Guadalupe and a meeting was held that same day to discuss the formation of a chapter. 

Only Roy Lazaro, among a group of three neophytes, survived the finals on August 20, 1985. His initiation was attended by FEU, UERM and some of the brods from U-belt. Adonis Avila was the first GP. 

1986 December 19: De La Salle University – College of Medicine (DLSU-CM). On the 19th of December 1986, six noble Beta Sigmans cultivated the seeds in DLSU-CM. These six young men were Raymund Evangelista (UP ’81), Alberto Buencamino, Hernani Salaya, David Bacungan, Ramon Roberto Jose Molada V, and Ruben Panaligan (UPLB ‘79). In preserving the lineage of the brotherhood, they molded seven brave young men who were ready to face the challenges that they are to experience in being a whole hearted Beta Sigman. They were collectively known as Sui Generis, which meant “In the Beginning.”  

DLSU-CM Pioneer Batch

Elmer Capulso

Ferdinand Jarcia

Eladio Butch Dizon

Claro Mendoza

Amado Gurango

Jose Tirona

Diosdado Ireneo


Up to the present the tradition of brotherhood, integrity, loyalty, equality and service is being upheld and the dignity of Beta Sigma kept high.

1989 January 6: PALAWAN NATIONAL AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE – Regional Institute of Fisheries Technology (PNAC-RIFT) is now known as WESTERN PHILIPPINES UNIVERSITY. Arnel Creencia, a Betan Elite from Los Baños, enrolled in this school and hooked up with Ely Aglibut (UP ’60), then a professor at Palawan State University. They discussed the possibility of establishing a chapter in this school.

Ely Aglibut together with Ely Adelantar (GAUF), Danny Alvarez (PSU), Ramon Ponce de Leon (PSU ’79), Ruben Jardin (PSU), Danny Omapas (MSU), Teddy Visitacion (PSU), etc. initiated the chapter’s pioneer batch.

PNAC-RIFT Pioneer Batch

Ruben V. Padon  Cesar Jose M. Lucero
 Alfredo A. Hangad  Edgardo Zabala, Jr.

Arnel Creencia did not make it in the first batch but instead survived in the second one.
Joining the pioneers of the PNAC-RIFT chapter was the revival batch of Palawan State University , composed of Chris Baltazar, Job Dimalanta, Jose Laudimer “Tata” Guillano, Manny Ocson, Arnulf Paclarin, among others, calling their batch “Lucky 9.”

The Beta Sigma Fraternity then spread to other chapters in this province namely, Holy Trinity College (Puerto Princesa), Palawan National Agricultural College (main campus at Aborlan, Palawan ) and Palawan Polytechnic College Inc. (PPCI), formerly known as Mindanao Aeronautical Technical System College of Technology (Puerto Princesa).

1989 August 27: U.P. Visayas - Miagao (UP MIAGAO) 1st batch of the Beta Sigma Fraternity in U.P. Visayas Miag-ao in Iloilo was composed of 17 applicants. They underwent a series of initiation process under 3 alumni members of the Fraternity. They were UP Diliman’s Gregorio Banacia ‘68 and Anthony Buyco ‘73 and UPLB Brod Bonifacio Dionisius Liwag III ‘75. Fifteen out of the 17 succeeded and survived to become batch Bigkis. 

UP-Mindanao Pioneer Batch

Ulysses Alama (1st GP)

Froilan Nazareno

Zenon Batang

Jose Ramon A. Razon III

Victor Chua

Rene Rico

Nomer Evasco

November Romena

Lauro Ilagan

Emerson Tattao

Randy Felix Malayao

Dennis Yap

Neil Apollo Medado


1989 March 18: Good Samaritan College (GSC) was founded by CLSU brods.

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The ‘90s

1990 February: UNIVERSITY OF THE EAST CALOOCAN (UE Caloocan) While still enrolled at UE Recto, Daniel Lopez tried three times to get into the orientation of the UE Beta Sigma Fraternity Chapter. His family-friend Brod Victor ‘Vgee’ Calo almost lost hope. Daniel then transferred to UE Caloocan for his engineering course. He later joined the United Visayans and Mindanaons where he met Jholly Benabon, Jal Alcantara and Audie Canape.

There they met UE Brod Efren 'Epoy' Ortiz, who lived nearby and was the lone resident then at UE Caloocan. Daniel was glad that Brod Epoy knew his Betan brother Joey Lopez. It rekindled his interest in joining Beta Sigma. Soon after, Daniel convinced the four to join the fraternity as well. UE alumni Brods Toto 'Jess' Mallonga, Jun Manalansan, Jun Selga, and Vgee Calo and resident Brod Epoy Ortiz immediately worked on the formation of UE Caloocan Beta Sigma Fraternity Chapter. It initially affiliated with GAUF Chapter, during the time of GP Nick Santos. The pioneers called themselves “Bleeding Sword.”

UE Caloocan Pioneer Batch

Jal Alcantara
Jholly Benabon (1st GP)
Audie Canape
Daniel Lopez
Danilo Oñate

1991 October 24: Nueva Ecija Colleges (NEC) Chapter Cabanatuan City .

The Beta Sigma Fraternity Nueva Ecija Colleges Chapter was founded on October 24, 1991 during the eruption of Mt.Pinatubo. With the joint efforts of Brod.Eduardo V.Elmido Ph.D from Nueva Vizcaya State Institute of Technology and a Professor of the Nueva Ecija Colleges, the late Brod.Edgar Cuaresma, a resident Physician of the Nueva Ecija Doctors Hospital from UERM, and Brod .Rodolfo Niones, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from University of the Philippines Diliman, the Beta Sigma Fraternity Nueva Ecija Colleges Chapter was founded.

There were 17 applicants but only five men with determination survived. Many alumni Brods from different chapter attended the final rites. This was the school's first batch of professionals and they were called the Pinatubo Batch.

The Pinatubo Batch Members

Brod.Luciano Claus, a registered Radiologic technologist and was employed at the Nueva Ecija Doctors Hospital .
Brod.Danilo Vergara, a registered Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Brod.Rommel Cruz, a registered nurse and employed at Nuava Ecija Doctors Hospital
Brod.Marlon Ferreria a student of Wesleyan University – Philippines
Brod.Jose Leabres, a student of Wesleyan University – Philippines .

1992 August 9: Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU) This school chapter located in Valenzuela, Manila was organized by Wilfredo Augustin, Jr., Roderick Azores, Rolando Bicaldo, Servillano Bibal, Jr., Vivo Mariano Chua (UERM’88), Allan Cua, Clemente Garces, Julius Habacon, Crispin Ernesto Hernandez, Jr., Ronald Ibañez, Brumell Joseph Magkasi, Lyndon Morales, Alain Panlaque Raphael Roque, Ronald Raymond Roque, Romer Ariel Santos, Mark Corletto Untalan, Jr. and Napoleon Valeno. Ronald Ibañez served as the 1st GP. 

OLFU Pioneer Batch


George Abarro III

Ahmed Khayser Igasan

Philip Evangelista  

1993 November 7: Collegio de San Juan de Letran (LETRAN) Prime movers were Brods Remberth Cabangbang (UPLB ’88), Arnel Van Catapang (MIT'92), and other brods from PUP, Trinity College and FEU. Pioneers for this school chapter in Calamba, Laguna called their batch “Orong Tanikala.” 

Letran Pioneer Batch

Randel V. Aragones

 Jerome S. Nicolas (1st GP)

James R. Bautista

 Reinier M. Silva

Anthony Domingo

 Bernie B. Turano       

1993 December 9: Polytechnic University of the Philippines-Ragay (PUP-RAGAY) was founded by GAUF Brods Noel Tipay ‘79, Primo Empleo, Andy Genio and Marlon Senar. 

1994 February 4: BATAAN HEROES MEMORIAL COLLEGES (BHMC) This chapter was founded by Henry Jaramillo (CLSU'92), Nick Dominguez (SLU'80), and Efren Samiano (UPLB'74). Henry Jaramillo also served as the first GP

BHMC Pioneer Batch

Michael Bulilan

Sonny Morales

Dante Castro

Jerico Vianzon

Joel De Leon


It was revived on March 22, 2001 by Cris Basuel (MIT'97) with Eugene Sabado as the GP.

1994 October 16: Northwestern University Laoag City (NWU-LC) The DWCL and NCC chapters had long existed in Laoag City and the Laoag brods had always dreamed of establishing a chapter at this university. However all prior efforts did not materialize. 

It was during the 2nd semester of SY 1993-1994 when Brod Rene Gallardo of UP College of Baguio '78, returning from Hawaii, enrolled at the College of Physical Therapy.  With the encouragement and assistance of the members of the Laoag City Alumni Chapter, they were able to groom and produce 3 (out of 9 neophytes) young members of the pioneer batch, Magic 3. 

NWU-LC Pioneer Batch

Frankshirl Andres

Jonas Cu

Dennis Nicolas  

Laoag City Alumni Chapter brods who were, in one way or another, responsible for processing the pioneer batch were DWCL’s Henry Arce ‘78, Ernesto "Jong" Farinas '85, Ferdinand Hilario '84, Jonathan S. Reyes '78, Cherry Sacramento '79a, Don Simon '79, James Sta. Maria '86, Marcel Tabije '85 and Mike Quintos '77, and Arthur Albano (UST '75) and Cesar Manangan (MMSU '76). 

Under the helm of Rene Gallardo as its 1st GP, the chapter's first project was to increase the Fraternity's visibility by installing a glass bulletin board at the Hallway Wall, an entrance to the Office of the Dean, College of Physical Therapy, where it still proudly stands today. 

1997 March 8: Pangasinan State University – Urdaneta (PSU-Urdaneta) This school chapter  was founded by SLU Brod Ramon “Bart” Abellera ’93, with the assistance of brods from University of Pangasinan and PSU-Lingayen. The duo of Jaime Guillermo and Rey Leonin composed the pioneer batch “Double Dragon.”    

1997: SORSOGON STATE COLLEGE (SoSC) was founded by the Sorsogon Alumni Association through the initiative of the alumni brods from Colegio Dela Milagrosa (CM), the first chapter known to have been established in Sorsogon.

1999 June 19: U.P. Mindanao-Davao (UP MIN) It was in mid-1996 when the idea of putting up a Beta Sigma chapter in U.P. Mindanao (Davao) was conceptualized.  The U.P. Beta Sigma Fraternity Alumni Association Davao Chapter under the leadership of Brod Sebastian ‘Anggie’ Angliongto (UPLB ’57) was very active at that time. 

After several meetings and constant prodding of Brod Anggie, it was in early 1997 that Brods Elcid Ablang (UP Ilo-ilo ’89) and Antipas “Jojo” Criador (UPLB ’81) went to the UP Mindanao dorm at the BPI compound in Bago Oshiro, Davao City.   

LC Mia Depalobos (who eventually was recruited to be a charter member of the UP Sigma Beta Sorority, UP Mindanao Chapter) helped identify and convince potential recruits to attend orientations which where held at the residence of Brod Elias Garcia (UPLB’57), at the office of Brod Jojo, and even at some secluded hallways of the BPI dorm.  The objective then was to have at least 5 recruits before the initiation process would start.  With the very few male population in campus, it was quite difficult to select the best.  And of these several orientations, only Eshir Ismael would always be present and sometimes even bringing along his own recruits.   

After more than two years, it was decided that only Eshir Ismael was qualified. The formal initiation started in April 1999. On June 19, 1999 at the Alcon Farm of Brod Danny Abad (UPLB ’75) in Los Amigos, Calinan the seed was then sown for the birth of the U.P. Beta Sigma Fraternity, U.P. Mindanao Chapter. More had to be recruited to form the chapter. 

The first GP was Brod Khalil Guinomla in 2000. The first Counselor/Adviser was Brod Eufemio T. Rasco (UPLB ’67), Dean of the College of Science and Mathematics.

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The New Millennium            

2000 August 12: AMA Computer University (AMACU) was founded by Brod Paul Utanes (MIT ’99) with Johannes Cañares as 1st GP. 

2003 January 12: Emilio Aguinaldo College Memorial – College of Medicine (EACMCM) FEUNRMF Brods Matthew Young and Yolando Tariela founded this chapter in Dasmariñas, Cavite with Paul Michael Galicia and Richard Dunawan as the pioneers. 

2004 April 7: University of Nueva Caceres (UNC). This chapter in Naga City was spearheaded by the Camarines Sur Assembly. Emerging from that undertaking was "Genesis 2004-A" 

UNC Pioneer Batch

Dominique V. Payo

Dennis O. San Miguel

Sherman L. San Luis

Alex C. Tejerero (1st GP)

Paolo D. Rejante

Rexall B. Villarojo

Ronilo A. Sierte

Jay-Ron R. Del Socorro

Although they came from different schools, the chapter is affiliated with the Beta Sigma - Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP), Ragay Chapter.  The Beta Sigma - Aquinas University of Legaspi (AUL) Chapter and the Beta Sigma - Bicol University (BU) Chapter oversaw its making.                                      

2004 September 5: Universidad de Santa Isabel (USI) In a meeting at the residence of Brod Ed Bulaong (FEATI ’70) who was the adviser of the Camarines Sur Assembly, it was agreed that the time was right to have a school chapter in this Naga City university. 

Camsur Assembly officials led by Brod Jojo Dee (FEU-NRMF) and Brod Jack Rejante (UERM ’78) immediately went to work and started recruiting from the families of their clients. Brods Poyee Dychinco (AUF ’91), Raul Villanueva (PUP-Ragay), Eman Oroyo (BU ’90), Jack Mapusao (PUP-Ragay ’98), Perfing Palacio (UPLB ’53), Pat Laysa (UPLB ’52), Jimmy Marquez (UPLB ’58), Pompeyo Requinta (UP Diliman ‘56), Romy Aco (TIP ‘87), Andy Cayetano (UP Diliman) and Johnny Escandor (AUL ’79) helped in the recruitment, indoctrination and orientation of the new recruits. 

The first batch was composed of law and nursing students. The early morning to evening finals was conducted by resident brods from Bicol University and PUP-Ragay at the farm of Brod Poyee Dychinco. Brod Jaq Quiñones (AUL ’97) acted as the second MI to ensure that everything was done according to rules.

The first GP was Brod Jigs Rejante.

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