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Message to Betan Volunteers Across the World

Dear Brothers, Sisters, and LCs,

Beta Sigma, Sigma Beta, and Ladies Corps have consistently improved in the area of volunteerism. Again this year, we have proven our commitment to the society and these deeds have been recognized in our website. In this regard, we would like to take this opportunity to extend this recognition to all Betans around the world, and to thank them for their generosity and participation in our Betan-sponsored events.

Betans are role models in our communities, inspiring all of us by example. Thanks to the time and resources our volunteers contribute, we are able to thrive and achieve our philanthropic visions. Year after year, Betans in medical missions heed to the calls of the disadvantaged, underprivileged, and even our very own members. We also participate in various community activities, work hard to generate funds for noble projects, and donate time to help our countrymen around the world.

Members who help the community are Beta Sigma’s most valuable assets, guaranteeing that our fraternity builds strong ties in our neighborhoods. The hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours that our members have consistently dedicated to these worthy causes have cemented Beta Sigma’s image worldwide as a good global citizen. We have embraced the responsibility of making the lives of others better -- a priceless return on investment to our society and to our success in the future.

We have collected photos from various past projects and summarized the year’s activities into this video, “ Celebrates Betan Volunteers Across the World." We hope this video will motivate you, revitalize your dedication, and help you remember what it's all about.

Betanly yours,

Art De Vera UPLB'64 Team Leader

Dear Members of Beta Sigma Worldwide:

We entered 2007 with the challenge of delivering even better results than the previous years of We successfully met this challenge and in the process, we were able to accomplish positive growth for our Fraternity through effective promotion of our achievements, awareness of our obligations, and the affirmation of our duties.

We continue to see the results of our commitment to social responsibility, education, and our environment. Our dedication to these core values is critical to sustaining our culture of brotherhood and to delivering service year after year.

I would like to thank each of you for your support and hard work in making this yet another outstanding year for Beta Sigma. We have proven once again that inspired and motivated Betans deliver extraordinary results.


Bob Lorenzo UPLB'78B Manager

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